Sourcing, Formulating, & Processing

Providing all in one solutions for the specialty tea industry, specialitizing in wholesale tea, herb, and spice distribution. 


What Do We do?


Wide Variety Collection

Here at Ken Naturals, we cater to wide variety of customers. 


Organic Products

Here at Ken Naturals, we cater to wide variety of customers. 


Drop shipping

Our facility is capable of drop shipping products. Contact us to learn more.


A Few Words About Us

Our manufacturing facility has the capabilities to meet your needs. 

Fairtrade Certified

Our products are fair trade certified, ensuring farmers and cultivators around the globe have fair wages as well as safe working conditions.

USDA Compliant

Our facility is approved by the USDA, and has met the standard to handle organic products.

Quality & Safety

We at Ken Naturals are committed to quality and safety. Our firstmost concern is to keep the quality of our products at a maximum.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us


Our company has experience from sourcing ingredients from around the globe.


Our team can formulate novel teas, as well as recreate teas.


Our facility can also package your products, and as well as create package designs for your products.

Some of Our

Recent Additions

We are adding novel teas, herbs, & spices everyday. Stay tuned for more products. 

30+ Years of Combined Experience in Tea, Herbs, & Spices

To ensure our private label tea clients receive the service they need and the peace of mind they deserve, we have full privacy, professional up-to-date guidance, and a quality product that is both reliable and trusted.